In Row Cultivator

gepostet am 24. September 2014

short way out of the row, high driving speed and high capacity

Very reactive In Row Cultivator for accurate cultivation and high capacity.  For center mounting in  HIGHLANDER V70 with hydraulically adjustable working width for row distance of 80 cm up to 150 cm. Sensitive fast-reaction, electro-hydraulically controlled double acting hydraulic cylinder.

The working tool is pushed hydraulically in and out of the row - engine perfomance is increased.  
The sensitive feeler navigates gently  and operating the tool accurate around the horticultural  crops. The particular arrangement ot the working tool to the center of rotation provides a short way out of the row and creates  the possibility of high driving speed  and high capacity.

Two working tools available for  cultivation: undercutting knife  for best soil loosener and particular down hill blade for  downhilling.

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