Worldwide cultivation-tractor sellings

We at RATH MASCHINEN specialize in offering individual solutions for a wide variety of tasks, be it vegetable gardens, tree nurseries or other special crops. RATH MASCHINEN builds your tractor to measure. Tractors that help you do the job better, more sustainably, with less effort but more fun.

Reduced soil tillage in the context of REGENERATIVE-FARMING - building up humus and improving soil structure


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MASTERTRAC verdura/silva

THIS high-clearance toolcarrier takes the guesswork out of fieldwork. Attachments mounted between the axles mean you easily see the target, improving accuracy and reducing stress.

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TRACTORS on Request

We at RATH MASCHINEN are desingning and producing your individual tractor for apply in tree nurseries, vegetable growers, seed production and other special cultures.

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We at RATH MASCHINEN have a basic philosophy – our cultivation tractors are intended to make your work easier. For the professional user the working day should be more productive and effortless and give pleasure at work despite high output. For this to be successful we have a special philosophy concerning the relationship man – machine – environment. This philosophy is founded on many years of practical experience in our own nursery and the experiences of the users of our machines from many diverse parts of the world. These findings and empirical values have helped us in developing innovative and safe tractors with simple operation, power-saving functions and great efficiency.




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