MASTERTRAC verdura/silva

With center-mounted tool, MASTERTRAC verdura selfpropelled high-clearance toolcarrier takes the guesswork out of fieldwork. Attachments mounted between the axles mean you easily see the traget, improving accuracy and reducing stress. You even see the result of your cultivation. No more looking over your shoulder or jumping down to see what you have done.
Enjoy the view, while doing a perfect job.

The choice for proven performance

Since many years, hundreds of crop producers have put RATH tractors to work in their fields. Designed with a strong frame, high tourque hydrostatic power transmission an more horsepower, the MASTERTRAC verdura is the cultivation tractor of choice for proven performance and excellent retrun of investment.

Der Fahrer genießt eine hervorragende Rundumsicht, sodass Pflegearbeiten exakt und mit maximaler Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit durchgeführt werden können.

Seit Jahrzenten sind RATH-Traktoren weltweit im Einsatz. Eine robuste Rahmenkonstruktion in Verbindung mit modernen Antriebskomponenten sind Garant für höchste Wirksamkeit und Zuverlässigkeit.

Easy handling

The operator can easilx control MASTERTRAC verdura with one control-lever (joystick). Under various conditions he enjoys the perfect feeling of best mobility an precise stearability. With infinitely variable speeed-control he always finds the right workingspeed at constant engine-revolutions. The hightorque hydrtostatic Power Transmission provides more than 90 % pull from zero.

ALLWHEELDRIVE gives an excellent pull and track control also in difficult terrain. Hitches and hydraulic top-links are controlled by electric micro-switches on the joystick.

Technical data:

Engine 60 hp 3H50TICD HATZ- Diesel, watercooled,
modern diesel-engine with common-rail control, EU-emission standard STAGE V
on request 4H50TICD with 80hp
Driving 2 wheel drive or permanent 4 wd
with infinitely variable speed-regulation from 0 - 25km/h, on rquest till 30km/h
Track 1,5 - 2,0 m variable
Ground clearance 70 - 120 cm on request
Weight 2.500kg net-basic weight 4.000kg total weight
PTO indipended circuit with 75 li/min at max. 250 bar,
Oilmotor with PTO-profile - infintely speed-regulated
Tires rear 230/85 R36, or 270/95 R32
front 6.50-16 (2WD) 7.50-20 (4WD)